Where Organizational Chaos Becomes a Catalyst for Change

Are you an internal change leader, ready to evolve beyond the status quo?

We invite pioneers, mavericks, and visionaries—the ones brave enough to delve into the chaos of change and shape it into a force for good—to join us.

If you resonate with what follows, consider this your formal invitation.

We believe that organizational chaos is an indication that change management is needed

  • Because chaos is there, whether it is currently painful or not, and it takes brave leaders to identify and diagnose chaos before it gets too costly

  • Because chaos points to the parts of the organization that aren’t working

  • Because chaos means there is a high Cost of Inaction (COI) to change management, even if the explicit Return on Investment (ROI) is zero

We believe that change management

must be coordinated at the highest

levels of the organization

  • Because change leaders should be part of the organization’s strategic planning process to fully operationalize strategic initiatives and integrate them into new ways of working 

  • Because strategic alignment is critical for success

  • Because speaking truth to power and asking uncomfortable questions is the responsibility of a change leader

We believe that org change is no longer a temporary phenomenon but an expectation for the long run

  • Because the pace of change is increasing exponentially

  • Because change is influenced from both internal and external forces that can be outside the organization’s control

  • Because adaptability and resilience are essential to keep competitive advantage

We believe that leading change is the most critical leadership competency and that leaders at all levels

play a critical role in change

  • Because employees are most influenced by their direct leadership

  • Because leaders create culture - both positive and negative, intentionally and unintentionally

  • Because change needs to be coordinated at the top but rolled out locally

We believe change management

is not an "other duty as assigned"

  • Because change management is its own discipline, just as important as finance and marketing

  • Because change management is an art and a science; you need expertise in both to succeed

  • Because change management is more than internal communications, training, or simply managing resistance; it is enabling people to successfully achieve the desired results in a meaningful, sustainable way

We believe that behaviors should be the organizing principle for organizational change

  • Because behaviors drive people and people drive the business

  • Because behaviors are objective, measurable, and observable

  • Because behavior change doesn’t require a change in beliefs or values

We believe that change management should be collaborative and experiential

  • Because leadership doesn’t always know best

  • Because front line leaders and employees have important insights in how the organization works

  • Because adults respond better to change when they have input and the change is happening with them rather than to them

We believe in the power of internal change teams AND the power of external expertise

  • Because organizational context is critical for a successful change effort

  • Because external change experts bring deep expertise and a neutral, outside perspective that can create a lighter lift for internal change teams.

  • Because internal change teams retain critical institutional knowledge and increase the organization’s capability to change and sustain the change over time

Being a change rebel within an organization can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. It's you against the world, pushing against the weight of inertia and resistance, often with little support.

We understand the struggle and that's why we're gathering founding members for the Change Rebellion, an assembly of pioneering professionals seeking solidarity, connection, and shared insights.

Imagine a community of individuals in similar roles, from diverse organizations - individuals who 'get' you because they are in the trenches alongside you. The Change Rebellion was crafted with this precise vision in mind.

This community isn't merely for you—it's shaped by you, molded to meet your unique needs and challenges. It's an opportunity to not just influence your organization but also to be part of a larger dialogue about change management.

As a Change Rebel, you won't be navigating these turbulent waters alone. You'll join a fleet of forward-thinking leaders, offering reassurance and camaraderie. Here, you'll find your people.

Embrace this opportunity to become part of something larger than yourself.

Say yes to becoming a Change Rebel, align yourself with an empowered network of leaders who share your passion for transformation and your thirst for innovation.

No longer push the boulder up the hill alone, but do it alongside others who understand the struggle and the triumph.

Here's your chance to make an impact, not just within your organization but also within the broader landscape of change management.

It costs nothing to join and you will determine your level of engagement with the group. Click here to become a founding member of the Change Rebellion. Welcome to the revolution.

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